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April 15, 2007


Andy Swan

Good post and on the money. Alcoholism and mental illness pretty much sums it up. The Dad of one of my best friends runs the Evansville Rescue Mission. They do great work and understand that food/shelter is not what these people need....it's hope!

Hope doesn't come from handouts, it comes from personal progress, faith and goal-setting.

I really don't "diversify" my charitable giving. There is only one organization where I know the man who runs it (he married us), and it happens to employ two of my best friends.

It helps people from my home town sleep comfortably and fight their personal demons.

I'll put all my eggs in that basket.

I'm sure your and B's charitable work will be just as successful as everything else you've done in life :)

Stephen L. McKay

Thanks Andy. Sounds like you have made a good choice (Evansville Rescue Mission).

There are those who cheat the system, and then there are the truly troubled, and those are the ones B, I, and it sounds like you as well are focused on helping!

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