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April 13, 2007


Andy Swan

Bad analogy, sorry.

Both examples you cite are PERSONAL among people that know each other.

The examples that Imus is (rightly) giving are those of comedians, rappers, and other public figures who do NOT know the person that they are referring to personally, or are referring to a group of people. There IS a huge double standard... had Chris Rock said what Imus did (does something similar many times in every show), it's a NON issue.

Imus's mistake was empowering bigot Al Sharpton instead of just going on air and saying.."Rutgers players, what I said was STUPID and a BAD JOKE...I didn't mean it personally and I apologize" and moved on.

In any event, two wrongs don't make a right, and just because Chris Rock says something ignorant and gets away with it doesn't mean everyone else should say it too.

Robert J. Ed

I agree with Andy.

This is censorship we are talking about here. Obviously Imus' comments were ridiculous...which was his point I'm sure, regardless of how misappropriated it was. Despite that, should he have been fired? Probably a long time ago.

Here's the real problem: It's not about ethics, it's about dollars. Amex didn't leave because of their disgust with his comments, they would have years ago. The same goes with all the other advertisers. It wasn't about the content; it was about the association with something that the public had an outcry against. They got scared that too many people would associate them with bigotry. Never mind that they were actually associated with it for years and years.

This is being reported on A LOT. There are still no real answers though. If you read the Time article, that's the biggest thing I get from it. Point out the differential between public figures and quotes, but not an answer to the problem...history is bound to repeat itself until something extremely drastic happens. I still don't understand what I can say and what I can't, there is a general idea...but where are the lines and who decides them? We only point out the lines when someone steps over them. I wonder if we will ever be able to put aside the anger between this dichotomous society you describe and have a rational discussion.

It's odd how the internet is making way for all these changes. The voices are getting too loud for anyone to deny.

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