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April 17, 2007


Andy Swan

I find the argument offensive... that just because the federal government has successfully used methods of restricting our freedoms in some areas, that those same methods SHOULD be used to infringe on freedoms specifically laid out in the BILL OF RIGHTS.

The ENTIRE POINT of the 2nd amendment was to allow citizens to FIGHT BACK AGAINST the government, and therefore give the government pause when deciding to restrict freedoms.

To say that the government should have exact knowledge of the number and types of weapons held by citizens completely defeats this purpose....although it does seem to complement the concept of providing enemy nations/groups with TIMELINES of attack/withdrawl in the instance of war....amazing.

The government has no business knowing what guns I have, what car I drive or how much money I make. Thanks to "surrender now" types like Majority "leader" Harry, personal freedoms are a laughable thing of the past--surrendered to the idiotic concept of a nanny-state that can cure the problems of humanity by restricting human freedoms.

Andy Swan

The way to maximize safety and personal freedom at the same time is not by putting the fed government in charge of feeble attempts to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people.

It is by encouraging the RIGHT people to own, carry and safely use firearms. The RIGHT people are 90% of the population, and instead of making guns the enemy, we should be educating people on the ways in which gun ownership IMPROVES societal safety and ENCOURAGING people to carry them.

Personally, I feel MUCH safer at a gun show or NRA convention than I do in any silly "gun free zone" where I'm fully aware that my fellow law-abiding citizens have no chance of defending me from those that follow no laws.

Andy Swan


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